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Customer Care

Making people happy and ensuring their interaction and brand experience 

is important to us.  

Eco Blue Mountains started when we wanted to discover natural ingredients and how they could be integrated into daily life.  We just didn't want to use anything bad for us anymore.  We wanted to discard any chemicals we may have used and started to research every product we had in the house.  

We also started to get out into the Aussie bush that surrounds our home and discovered all the natural things we could use that Mother Nature provides.  Our eucalyptus leaves and aloe vera plants are right here for us, surrounding us everywhere.  

The abundance is overwhelming and we are so grateful.

Now, we want to share it with you and make your experience as amazing as ours.

Privacy & Safety

We value your trust and operate with the highest of integrity.

Your details will never be shared and our security around payments is of the highest confidentiality and safety.

Wholesale Inquiries

We welcome wholesale enquiries

Please send your enquiry to:

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Paypal

- Afterpay

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