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Why we are the best IV Therapy Clinic for you

One of the most important things to me when I am choosing health & wellness therapies is where therapists trained, how often they maintain their skills and how much experience they have. These are the 3 most crucial elements for me.

My training for IV Therapy was intensive with lots of theory but even better, lots of practical assessment. I had many experienced Registered Nurses and even the Founder of IV League Drips, Rosy McEvedy assessing every IV we administered on the cannulation arms we were provided. We are proud to be a Licensee for IV League Drips.

The reason why my IV Therapy Clinic is the best for you is because I am also an Emergency Paramedic with over 15 years experience. Cannulation is invasive and can feel traumatic for some people BUT that's if your therapist has minimal experience with needles. I have been canulating in moving ambulances on hundreds of patients for over 15 years. It is second nature for me and I'm super gentle. I always want IV Therapy to be a fantastic experience because the benefits are enormous for you.

The first part of IV Therapy is the consultation. I will not even start an IV Therapy without a thorough consultation first. I need to know about your lifestyle, what medications you take (if any) and so much more including your daily nutrition, movement, allergies... everything!

I also want YOU to be informed about what you are having and why. I may refer you for a blood test but remember, I have been assessing people's health for many years, so If I think you are not a good candidate for IV Therapy, we will work together on getting you there. I do not want anyone to think having IV Therapy is a fad, it's actually 100% beneficial for your health. There are vitamins, amino acids and minerals you simply don't get because of your nutrition and lifestyle.

Millions of people take vitamin tablets everyday thinking they are beneficial, they are not. You MAY get 20-25% of the good stuff in there.... may. IV Therapy is 100% into your bloodstream and what you get is what you get...100%! 100% Zinc, 100% Vitamin C, 100% B Complex and the list goes on and on. Book in for your free consult now.

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