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Update on our Eco Garden

I have been watching our garden grow for a little while now, nurturing it everyday, watering, sometimes talking to it, willing it to grow the best vegetables and herbs. The fact that we can not only grow our own food but transfer some of those aroma's to a candle is amazing! When we say we are eco friendly, we mean it. Our corn is growing inches by the day and our sensation pears are ready to eat. We are cultivating our sage in a few days and drying it out to make aromatic smudge sticks that come wrapped with selenite. What we really wish though is that you could somehow smell our candles. We have captured Fresh Garden Tomato, Rosemary and Chilli in a reusable glass container.

Visit our little eco shop and see what you want. We have Afterpay and lots of great eco gifts. Have a little browse, we have so many fantastic items that are great for you and your home.

Lots of love,

The Eco Blue Mountains Team

Ps: We may be opening up rural, we will let you know where when we find the spot we need to be x

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