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So, the plan changed

Evolve... that's what we do constantly. Our little shop did so well that we just couldn't keep up. Our candles were flying off the shelves and we did so well, providing people with beautiful gifts but somehow, we morphed into a cafe and were doing crazy amounts of coffees everyday, our customers LOVED @bluemountainsroasters coffee but we are not baristas! We had to hire staff and although it was really successful, we were burning out from long, long hours. I lost my drive to create. That's not who we are. We are creators of beautiful, eco-friendly candles that are 100% organic.

So, an opportunity came along where a beautiful friend was available to work in the shop, but we did one better, we offered the entire shop to her to take over. It was her thing anyway, she's amazing at running a cafe. So we handed it over to her. It's going amazing to date and we are back creating and doing our wellness thing to.

You can still get all of our beautiful products online at

#eco #eco-friendly #life #evolve

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