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Here's to staying true to the plan #2023

We have restocked, rearranged, we have new candles, new succulents, books, yummy food and fantastic Blue Mountains Coffee Roasters Coffee.

Our aim isn't to pump rushed coffee out to the masses, we are here so you have somewhere to sit and enjoy boutique coffee, no rush, no bother, just an easy place to be where you feel relaxed.

There are beautiful aroma's of food, candles and coffee, white sage incense and toasted blueberry bread with vanilla bean custard. Sit and eat your fresh salad or rice paper rolls.

We want you to come in for a relaxed experience, sit and enjoy everything that surrounds you. We love that locals and visitors are making Eco their space, in the corner, by the window, watching the world go by while they sip their biscoff latte's and greet others they know, catching up, again, without the rush!

We love that people love our store and that we are offered so much amazing advice but we will stick to what we love and stay focused on why we started this in the first place. Eco has been my dream for over 10 years and it has come to life with assistance from those we love. We must stay true to what we planned and envisioned.

We can't wait to see you all in 2023, make some "you" time and come in, make Eco your place.

Lots of love, Amy, Mel and Danica x

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