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We have finally released our speciality blended tea's & we couldn't be happier with our blends.

So far, we have 14 different blends that have different properties and benefits. Our teas have been grown, picked, roasted and blended beautifully with our tea drinkers in mind always.

Here is THE TEA - Our blends are:

* Ginger Glow Blend * Organic Peppermint Tea * Sweet Chai * Digest Tea * Ooh Oolong Tea * Bedtime Blend * Mama Tea (for breastfeeding Mama's) * Calm Blend * Tummy Tea (Great for debloating!) * Organic Turmeric Tea * Vanilla Rooibos Tea * Pomegranate Flower Tea (This is amazing for your skin) * Roasted Chicory Tea * Dandelion Chai (My fav with warm oat milk before bed)

You can order your 100g pouch or we do loose leaf jars

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