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Eco Central West - NEW Store Opening

Massage Candles, Eco Gift Boxes & Beautiful Handcrafted Candles you cannot get anywhere else. We will not do mass produced, chemical filled candles. Only Eco-Friendly Candles that have been triple-poured, each and every one by our Chandler, Eva.

Let me tell you our story. So many people have said why Forbes, NSW?

Forbes has always been known for its heritage buildings set alongside gorgeous river banks and leafy parks, But a new, world-class sculpture trail shows there's more to this town in the beautiful Lachlan Valley than meets the eye and we have been here since the 1800's.

We are the Great-great-great-great Grandaughters of Forbes very first Midwife - Ganey Peasley (nee Gander) from Bedgerabong. Our family roots are strong here and always have been. William and Ganey Peasley are buried at Bedgerabong and their history is rich and they lived in interesting times. My Great-great-great Grandfather built the pulpit in the little, old Bedgerabong Church next to the cemetery. He is also buried at Bedgerabong.

Ganey Jane Peasley (nee Gander)

Born 1847, Sussex, England

Lived & Buried in Bedgerabong 1938

She delivered over 300 babies around the Forbes shire.

Let's get to our story. My parents settled here from the Blue Mountains and acquired acreage so we could learn permaculture and work the land. Eco has been going much longer and permaculture will allow us to be fully sustainable and self-sufficient. Growing our fruits and vegetables plus an array of herbs will give us an abundance of good, whole foods that are organic. Our Eco Store may become a fantastic little farmers market.

Eco was started by my Mum years ago when she wanted candles that were not full of chemicals and gave off dirty, black soot - that we were breathing in. So she did her research and started playing with coconut flesh, organic soy wax and added lemongrass and lime with cotton wicks covered in bee's wax and there you had it. An Eco Candle was born. I have now taken over and continued the great work my Mother did. We have even made a Fresh Garden Tomato Candle with Chilli and Basil - and yes, it's 100% real and organic with nil chemicals!

Our Eco Store in Forbes will be our simple little store with good things, we don't want to sell anything in mass, we just want to give people the choice to have access to organic goods that have been made with our planet in mind. We want to go back to when our ancestors would grow their food and live simply, enjoying each day, working hard on what matters. Family and farming.

We will open in September 2022, when it gets closer, we will give you an exact date. What I can tell you is that it will be in Templar Street - just the best street in Forbes! There are so many great stores and we will love being a part of the community.

See you soon Forbes,

Amy x

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