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Eco Candles

Clean, slow poured and 100% eco-friendly

Eco Blue Mountains Candles are clean and we are so proud that we are able to mix our own wax and know exactly what is in it. We have researched our little hearts out and sourced the most natural products we can plus worked out many ways to mix it for best results and pour it so it looks beautiful and holds the natural aromas we add. We are in love with our mixes and designs.

Our wicks, our jars and all of our lids, including our packaging is 100% sustainable. We have poured well over 300 candles in the last few days and it's all mixed and poured by hand. We want to oversee every single one and ensure the quality you buy is the quality you expect. Although our orders are large, it doesn't change the way we make our candle magic. You can order 1 candle or 1000, the quality will be amazing and every single one will be hand-poured.

Let's talk about wax. There are some nasty waxes out there and they are bad for you when burnt into your environment. You will know from the black smoke and how the candle "comes away" from the side of the container when hard again. Our wax is organic soy and coconut wax that we mix ourselves.

At Eco, our aim after many years of research and trial was to create something via nature that was totally authentic while allowing you luxury. We live through our senses and if you ever come to our home in the Blue Mountains, you will understand. We live in the most amazing location in the world. It's iconic and many have flocked here from all over the world to see our green, eco wonderland.

Our botanicals range is almost ready. We grow our own botanicals that go in our candles and our fav is lemongrass of course but at times, I just love our lemon myrtle and cedarwood more, I just can't decide. Please browse our website and if you have questions, just reach out, we are always here.

Dont forget, we also have afterpay!

Take care and stay safe out there,

The Eco Blue Mountains Team

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