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Bye 2021, Hello 2022....

We are so happy that 2021 has been so prosperous for Eco and we have worked our butts off to bring you eco-friendly products for you and your home. When we look at what has been purchased the most it was our Eco Massage Candles and we are happy that so many people were getting massages in 2021! Apart from our Eco Massage Candles, we have sold out of almost ALL products we made.

THANK YOU to all of you who believed in Eco and love our products.

What does 2022 look like for us?

Eco will be all about Eco Living, not just candles, melts and earrings (yep, we started making our own clay earrings and we are about to venture into clay sculpting, plates, cups and small jewellery trays) and we will upload it all to our website. We will continue to design and make the best Eco Candles. We are so grateful to have sold so many not just in Australia but the US and the UK.

Eco will delve further into how we can live minimally and completely eco-friendly. We need to make our first priority this planet we live on. The only home we have. All of our containers and bottles are recyclable. There are no harmful chemicals in any of our products. We grow a lot of what we use in so many of our products (like lemongrass etc).

One of the crucial things is, we are here and we are listening to you. We want to know what you want and how we can assist you in making your eco-friendly an easier transition for you.

Become a member today so we can share with you all we research about Eco living (Don't worry, it will be compacted into an email that you can look at anytime and we are too busy making candles and other eco-friendly products to bombard you with emails)

Lots of love 🍃

From the Team @ Eco Blue Mountains

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