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At Melissa Zimmerman Wellness Co., we believe that success starts with a healthy mind and body. Our qualified counsellors provide professional services to help you overcome the struggles and obstacles that life presents. Whether you’re dealing with a busy schedule, health issues, or just feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help you achieve your goals and lead a fulfilling life.

As a Counsellor, I aim to help you resolve your problems in a positive way.

Through our sessions, I will help you to clarify the issues and explore options, while also helping you to develop strategies and increase self-awareness.

Together, we will work through your challenges and find a better way forward.

We find what works for you and increase your confidence to see it all the way through.

Let's change how Counselling looks and the stigma around it.

We all need someone in our corner, cheering for us AND being honest with us.

Some of the issues I address for you are identifying your self sabotage and learning how to clear limiting behaviour

Clearing what you are attached to that may be hindering your progress


Clearing your doubts and comparisons


Clearing your motive

Turn your pain into power - so many thoughts or beliefs we have, we inherited them, we absorbed them, we inhabit them still and perpetuate them. It's time for you to DECIDE what you absorb, inhabit and perpetuate. You hold the power, it's ALWAYS your choice.


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