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Safety & Compliance

The most important factor of all


Every client is given the opportunity to participate in a free consultation to ensure that they suitable for IV Therapy.  We do not treat acutely ill clients.  Our clients are usually having IV Therapy as a preventative method.  We want to know what your'e lifestyle consists of, your sleep, your nutrition and your work/life balance.  

We do not offer treatment to the following:

  • Pregnancy

  • Severe Heart Failure, Liver & Kidney Issues

  • Advanced Age or Palliative Care

  • People under 18 Years of Age

However, a GP Referral and Specialist Referral are acceptable along with further Health Screening.  We will be guided by your GP or Specialist on Dosage/Vitamins/Minerals/Frequency & Length of Treatment.


You will have your own confidential file within Melissa Zimmerman Wellness Co. that only Melissa has access to.  You can view your file at any time.  I document your Personal Information,IV Therapy, Dosage, Medial History and current Medications, Allergies, type of canula used and where it was used 

  • Hand - Dorsal arch veins

  • Wrist - Volar aspect. ...

  • Cubital fossa - Median ante cubital, cephalic and basilic veins

  • Right or Left


I will follow up with you in the 1-2 hours after you leave our Wellness Co. 


Our Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids are kept in cold storage.  Our compounds are made by a Doctor at IV League in Sydney and transported to us upon request within 24 hours of order. We do this so you get your treatment as soon as we receive it.  they are never exposed to sunlight or warm air.  With every treatment, we check expiry, colour and consistency before we open the seal lock security lid.  


We are serious about cleanliness of our Wellness Co. and will never put ourselves or you at risk ever.  Sharps/Clinical Waste are disposed of in safe sharps bins and blood products also go into safe sharps and blood product bins.  


There can be complications with any Invasive/IV Therapy procedure.  These are all easily preventable and that is why we take Safety & Compliance seriously.  We use an Aseptic  Technique with every single procedure.  We monitor your treatment every step of the way for signs and symptoms.  Some of the complications can include:


This is an inflammation of one or more layers of the vein.  

Symptoms: Pain, redness or swelling in the area.  


This is pain, burning or stinging in the area of cannulation.  Fluid can form under the area of insertion.  

Symptoms: Pain, Burning or Stinging


This is an air bubble that forms and enters your vein.  This is very rare.

Symptoms: Sudden Dyspnea, Cough, Wheeze, Chest or Shoulder Pain, Agitation, Hypotension, Tachycardia, Tachypnea.


This is why Client Screening is so crucial and it's why I want to know so much about you.  If you have an allergic reaction - again, all of these complications are extremely rare, I want to be able to investigate the source.  

Symptoms: Urticaria, Shortness of Breath, Low Blood Pressure, Tachycardia, Cramps


Cellulitis is an inflammation of the tissue and occurs when bacteria enters an insertion site.  This is why our Aseptic Techniques are crucial.  

Symptoms: Pain, Tenderness, Swelling


Any invasion procedure comes with the risk of infection.  We are piercing your skin.  Again, an Aseptic Technique is crucial to ensure you are not at risk.  

Symptoms: Pain, Fever, Swelling, Redness


Fluid Overload is called Hypovolaemia and it is when you have too much fluid in your body.  Usually, if you are healthy and active, this will pass via urine.  It is the Advanced Age with Heart and Kidney Issues that must be careful with this issue.  It's why our screening is so important.


If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please contact us any time

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